Pricing is based on total identified website visitors each month. Depending on your web traffic, we typically identify 50% of people visiting your website.

Add 24/7/365 email retargeting system to bring bounced browsers back to your website.

*All subscriptions require a 3-month commitment and then move forward on a month-to-month basis.

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Monthly Pricing

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24/7/365 Email Retargeting


Up to 550 identified visitors per month





Up to 1,500 identified visitors per month





Up to 3,000 identified visitors per month





Up to 4,500 identified visitors per month





Up to 10,000 identified visitors per month





Up to 25,000 identified visitors per month





Up to 40,000 identified visitors per month





Up to 65,000 identified visitors per month





65,000+ identified visitors per month

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The identified Pixel uses a process of matching an anonymous unique identifier with additional data about a person to determine their identity. We collect a unique identifier from website visitors and use an Identity Graph to fill in missing information such as their personal details, workplace, job title, and contact information. 

The identified pixel can be set up on your website similarly to other tags or pixels. Refer to the instructional email and onboarding call instructions tailored to your website’s CMS.

An identity graph is an extensive relational database designed to aggregate and interlink data from various sources related to a specific group of individuals. In this case, the data originates from one of the most expansive data cooperatives in the United States, encompassing a wide range of information about American adults. This data includes contact information, demographic details, firmographic insights, and a variety of unique identifiers. Such identifiers may comprise encrypted email addresses, device IDs, Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs), IP addresses, Hashed Email addresses (HEMs), among others. The fundamental role of the identity graph is to create connections between these diverse data elements, enabling the analysis and identification of individuals who visit your website.

Identified resolution data can be integrated with and enhance existing first-party data sources (such as Shopify, Klaviyo, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.), thereby augmenting customer profiles with additional attributes. Additionally, a webhook can be utilized to push this data to other platforms for further enrichment.

Yes, the identified pixel can be configured to activate only on specific pages or landing pages. Additionally, there is an option to trigger the pixel exclusively for visitors from certain US states. Furthermore, a suppression list can be implemented to exclude current clients from this tracking.

identified data can be employed for a variety of internal and external purposes, including email campaigns, digital advertising campaigns, direct mail campaigns, profile enrichment, and internal analytics. Moreover, this data can be transmitted to various third-party platforms, including data warehouses, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), advertising platforms, and others, for further utilization and integration.

Agencies working with identified data for multiple clients have the capability to filter the identified data for each domain. We recommend that each client have their own dedicated identified account, which is then managed by the agency, ensuring tailored data management and privacy for each client.

Utilizing identified data is permissible as it is categorized under First Party Data. This type of data is derived from individuals who have interacted directly with your business, for instance, through website visits. The identified platform aids in the effective use of this data. Nevertheless, adherence to privacy protection regulations and responsible management of your first-party data is crucial. This involves activating our cookie consent widget and including a transparent declaration in your website’s privacy policy about the collection of personal data for marketing objectives. Moreover, offering an opt-out option for visitors who prefer to withdraw from your marketing databases is essential for compliance and user choice.

Currently the identified pixel only identifies traffic in the United States.

Yes, the identified pixel is GDPR compliant as we do NOT collect or store any data from individuals in the EU. Therefore, the tool only works for those in the United States.

You are able to email visitors of your website, but it’s vital to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act’s regulations, designed to protect individuals from unwanted (spam) emails. In a manner akin to the CCPA, CAN-SPAM mandates that you offer recipients a way to opt out of future emails. It’s essential to incorporate an unsubscribe link in your marketing emails and keep a record of individuals who have opted out. Most bulk email services automatically insert this feature in the email footer and keep a suppression list of those who have unsubscribed.

The pixel data gathered and stored within identified will remain confidential and won’t be shared with data co-op providers or any external third parties. Furthermore, when you integrate additional data sources into identified, this information is securely retained in your identified account and is not disclosed to any outside entities.