Turn your visitors into valuable revenue streams


Our pixel identifies the exact hidden users and shoppers visiting your website and not purchasing or filling out a form. Leveraging the largest data co-op in the US, we provide the most accurate data for targeting, enrichment, remarketing and more.

Identify Real
People in

Install the pixel on your site and get new lead information every day. You'll receive valuable data about each visitor, including their name, email, address, company, income, and other key details.

Filter Leads

Utilize our pixel, connected to one of the largest data co-ops in the United States, to gain detailed insights on every lead. Effectively sort and segment your visitors based on factors like job seniority, geographical area, income range, and more.

Instantly Download
& Monetize New Audience

Download enriched lead lists and seamlessly integrate them into your CRM system to begin tailored marketing campaigns that cater to the specific attributes and interests of your customers.

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Reveal insights of your unseen website visitors through our exclusive Identity Graph technology

Enhance your knowledge of customers beyond just their devices, achieving a comprehensive understanding of their behavior and preferences. The identified pixel leverages an identity graph to integrate various personal identifiers, creating a cohesive and unified view of each customer.


Identify your website visitors prior to their form submission

After installation, the pixel activates as soon as a visitor arrives on your site and agrees to your consent string or cookie notice. For each identified visitor, you get details like their name, email, home address, income, age, and gender. In a B2B context, you'll receive information such as business email, company name, revenue, number of employees, and additional data. Supported by a combined global b2b and US based b2c database of over 700 million records, the pixel successfully identifies up to 70% of US b2c and global b2b website traffic.

Incorporate additional data for enhanced attribute details and improved targeting

Integrate your data sources with identified to bridge the divide between first and third-party data. Develop upsell and cross-sell marketing strategies informed by historical data on customers' income, age, gender, and other key metrics.


Download or sync your data and begin marketing and generating revenue immediately

Filter through personal and professional attributes to curate high-impact segments and sales strategies. Push this data directly to common activation channels like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and Hubspot.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

The identifed pixel is GDPR compliant and does not resolve EU data. For CCPA compliance, all California residents who have opted out on your website can be disabled in identified. To learn more about compliance or walk through the setup process, schedule a session with our team below.

Export Lead List

Export segmented lead lists and push into the marketing tools of your choice. identified gives unlimited access to your whole team so that anyone can view and export lists into any tool, anytime. Leads can also be filtered by geographic area for regional based teams.

Schedule Notifications

Ensure you never miss a lead opportunity with the option to schedule email notifications based on your preferred schedule.